Welcome To Our Family Tree!

The family tree is where one turns to learn the history of a family, and you are about to experience some family tree history making moments. The birth and life of your sweet baby will become a strong and stable branch on your family’s tree. At Family Tree Doula Services we understand exactly how meaningful and monumental this is for you. This changes you in a way like nothing else. It changes you for the better, but we also know that that change can come with some complications.

New babies are hard. Sleep deprivation is hard. Emotions are hard. And breastfeeding, while it seems like it should be relatively simple… is hard (in the beginning).

We have one goal: To provide the professional, practical, stabilizing support that equips families to thrive.

Our professional, responsive and personable approach to the doula support that you seek, contributes to the great success of our clients and is what sets us apart in the Portland Area.


Owner, Sheryl Cooksley, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sheryl insists that the doulas associated with Family Tree Doula Services be properly equipped to support you through the delicate time after birth when you bring your baby home. Babies and their parents have a lot of work to do in order to understand each other’s needs and the training and certification earned by our doulas helps our clients reach a level of stability where they can thrive as a family.

We’re extremely proud of that!

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We invite you to move through our website visiting our Service pages, enjoying our regularly published Blog posts and ultimately finding yourself on our Contact page.

We want to hear from you. We want to learn about you.

We want to help you discover the possibilities of our support and the benefits we can bring to you during this precious time.

Whether your family needs a handful of short daytime shifts to regroup and get acclimated to life with a new baby or you are in need of live-in care for a period of time, our exceptional support is awaiting your call.

We don’t expect you to know exactly what you’ll need as you’ve likely never done this before.

So, call us and let us share our secret formula with you!