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woman in labor in hospital gown

Should Intended Parents Take a Childbirth Education Class?

“I’m not birthing a baby, why would I need to take a childbirth education class?” Simply stated: You ARE birthing a baby through the help of a surrogate. Your journey to parenthood through surrogacy has been a unique and complicated experience that has brought a mix of emotions along the way. On the one hand,…

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mom holding help a help sign
Intended Parents

Five Simple Tools to Survive Life as a (New) Parent

There is so much focus on pregnancy, birth, and even the first 8 weeks of your baby’s life. These stages in your life are fleeting. Parenthood, on the other hand, ...
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dad holding baby next to mom
Intended Parents

Breaking Down the Myths: What Intended Parents Need to Know About Postpartum Doulas

We hear it all the time: “I’m not birthing my baby so why would I need a doula?” The short answer: because you’re becoming parents and experiencing all the joys, ...
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Grief and Loss

Pregnancy and Infant Loss: Remembering the babies we still love

When I first set out to write this blog, I didn’t really expect what ended up happening. I unfortunately already had several people in mind that I knew had experienced ...
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Holidays with Babies

It’s Baby’s First Halloween! So…What Can They Do Besides Look Adorable?

Halloween is one of those holidays adults take really seriously or not at all. You can go all out or have a nice quiet evening at home. For kids, Halloween ...
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Dear New Parent
Intended Parents

A Letter From Your Doula: Dear New Parent

Dear New Parent, You’re doing great. I see how exhausted you are after just getting home with your new baby. You value good sleep and now you are getting less ...
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What is a Postpartum Doula
New Parents

What is a Postpartum Doula?

Oh! Wait! You’re like a night nanny or a baby nurse, right?!? Mmmmmm…..No. I could launch into all the basics of how we support parents, birthing people and babies through ...
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Choosing Formula Feed
Infant Feeding

A Letter From Your Doula: Dear Mom Who is Choosing to Formula Feed

Dear Mom Who is Choosing to Formula Feed, “Breast is best.” “Fed is best.” There is so much conflicting information and opinions out there. Sometimes it’s all too much. It ...
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first thanksgiving postpartum recipes
Food Favorites

5 Thanksgiving Dishes Your Partner Can Make Since You’re Recovering Postpartum

There is no shortage of things to lament about when it comes to postpartum life: the soreness, the leaky breasts, the seemingly endless lack of sleep. But there’s one big ...
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navigating pregnancy loss
Grief and Loss

Navigating Pregnancy Loss with the Help of Ring Theory

*If you feel your loss is affecting you to the point of mental instability or you’re noticing significant changes in your behavior, please do not hesitate to talk to a ...
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