3 Ways Postpartum Doulas Support Dads

Postpartum Doulas Dads


Hey Dad, we have a little (not very secret) secret: Postpartum Doulas support you, too!

So much focus is placed on birth, the arrival of your baby, the care of your baby, and the birthing person that sometimes dads fade to the background and are not aware that their postpartum doula is there to support them, too. Oh, but we ARE!

Here are three ways your postpartum doula can support you as a dad:


As postpartum doulas, we see a lot of dads feeling unsure if they are “doing it right”. There are so many ways to care for a baby. Partners are always amazed (and charmed) when dads become master diaper changers, swaddle masters, and know all about feeding methods. Doulas also like to teach magic soothing tips that include sway techniques like the “skate” and the “middle school slow dance”.

Dads sometimes hire postpartum doulas to educate them BEFORE the baby arrives, so they are ready to rock new fatherhood. Family Tree Doula Services offers a Virtual Newborn Care Crash Course that is perfect for dads and dads-to-be.


Often dads are going back to work within days after their babies arrive, leaving their partner alone caring for a new baby and themselves. Having a professionally trained postpartum doula present to care for their family’s needs, physically and emotionally, provides comfort to new dads and a sense of security. They are assured their family is fed, resting, and emotionally supported.

Overnight postpartum doula support offers dads a sense of security as they travel out of town for business or need to work the night shift. Dads particularly like using this service for a guilt-free “night off” for themselves and their partner OR to learn all the sleep shaping techniques so sleeping through the night happens sooner than later.  


A simple question opens the door to conversation, leading to a postpartum doula supporting dads with their feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, and fear, just to name a few.

Sometimes dads believe that their feelings just don’t matter. Dad’s feelings matter…. A LOT.  A postpartum doula is professionally trained to recognize, affirm, and acknowledge your fears. A postpartum doula knows that 1 in 10 dads experience postpartum depression and are trained to provide resources if a dad’s feelings and emotions requires a specialist’s care.

Postpartum Support International (PSI), reminds us that “The stigma against experiencing difficulties in early parenthood is even higher for men than for women. The societal views of men and their role during the perinatal periods, often limit the desire and willingness for new dads to ask for help.”  

The biggest killer in men under 50 is suicide, and many fathers don’t get asked about their mental health during the antenatal and postnatal period.”

Mark Williams Father/postpartum depression survivor/Founder of International Father’s Mental Health Day (held the day after Father’s Day)

Doulas WANT to hear how you are doing. They want to know that you’re ok…. or not.

The bottom line is, Postpartum Doulas care for the WHOLE family…. dads included.

DADS! Don’t be afraid to say, “I think we need a postpartum doula” and then start the process by contacting a postpartum doula near you!

Family Tree Doula Services is a postpartum doula agency serving Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area. Our team of professional postpartum doulas provides in-home, daytime and overnight care for babies and parents. We provide care to birthing, adoptive and intended parents alike. Our postpartum doulas offer families unbiased, non-judgmentalI emotional, physical and educational support from the time a baby is born through their first year. Owner and Certified Postpartum Doula, Sheryl Cooksley, takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and a warm, friendly, “outside-of-the-box” approach to caring for Portland area families.


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