5 Most Binge-Worthy Shows For New (or Pregnant) Moms

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So you just had a baby, or you’re just about to, and you find yourself sitting on the couch in front of the TV… A LOT. I’m sure the mom guilt has kicked in a couple times (“I should be reading my baby a book instead!” or “I have to finish the nursery!”), but you deserve a break!

Whether you’re pregnant on bed rest, or your postpartum doula or family is there caring for you and your baby, it’s time for a little TLC for yourself.

Sit back, kick up those swollen feet, and relax! Your favorite postpartum doulas have compiled a list of the five most binge-worthy TV shows (and a few runners up at the end!) for you to put on in between all the busyness of life as a new or soon-to-be parent. 

1. When you need a guilty-pleasure binge-watch

You decided to have a baby and all of a sudden you’re surrounded by bottles and burp cloths and baby names. Your house, your mind, and your internet browser are chock-full of all things baby and as much as you love it, you want something to clear your head every once in a while. Enter our favorite guilty-pleasure show: Selling Sunset. It’s a reality show about real estate agents in Southern California and it’s like a perfect hybrid of Real Housewives and Property Brothers. From the first episode, it is full of beautiful multi-million dollar L.A. mansions and just the right amount of petty drama to suck you into TV land and out of reality for a while. 

BONUS: the episodes are short enough (around 30 minutes) that you can usually finish a whole one in one sitting with even the shortest of cat-nappers.

Available on Netflix, currently 3 full seasons.

2. When you’re looking for something wholesome but binge-worthy

Look no farther than our second pick: Sweet Magnolias. Romance, friendship, and family life are at the heart of this sweet show about three women who have been best friends since childhood. The beautiful sets, good acting, and small town setting gives it the feel of a cozy Hallmark movie (without anyone accidentally marrying Saint Nick and becoming the next Mrs. Claus). It’s based on the 11-part book series by Sheryl Woods, but has its own take on the novels, making it a fun binge watch for even those who insist on reading the books first (like me). It’s not dark or ultra-serious like many other shows alongside it, but still has plenty of twists and scandals to keep things interesting, including a big cliffhanger at the end of the season.

BONUS: the language and adult themes in this one are kept to a minimum (though not completely absent) so you don’t have to worry about hitting your mute button too often if your toddlers are around.

Available on Netflix, currently 1 season. It was renewed for a second season in July 2020, but the release date of season 2 is yet to be determined. Update: Season two of Sweet Magnolias is available now!

3. When you need some comedic relief on Netflix

When you’re 10 months pregnant (at least it feels that way, right?) or toting a newborn around, not much in life seems very funny. Between the summer heat, birth planning, diapers, late-night feeding, and insomnia it can be EXHAUSTING. The good news is there are plenty of good options to insert some laughter into your life through comedy shows, like Schitt’s Creek. This is a modern sitcom about a wealthy family who get their entire fortune stripped away– save for a small town they once purchased as a joke, where they are forced to relocate. Avid watchers of the show praise the engaging storyline and complex character development as well as many humorous moments that are totally relatable and will leave you in stitches. 

BONUS: there are plenty of heartwarming moments mixed among the comedic ones, so you can get your fix for a good cry taken care of as well… but it’s not too cheesy, if that’s not your thing.

Seasons 1-5 available on Netflix (no ads) and Amazon Prime (with ads). Rumors are that the 6th and last season will be available on Netflix in October 2020 or, if you don’t want to wait, you can purchase it on Amazon Prime now.

4. When you’re into high-stakes dramas

Sometimes you just need a show that is so vastly different from your real life that it distracts you so much you can’t even smell that spit up stain on your shirt anymore. Enter: Billions. The complex plotlines about the world of high finance are filled with hedge funds, power dynamics, and boundary pushing. It starts slow, but picks up by season 3 and will leave you wanting more. This isn’t a show to watch with the kids around, so it’s the perfect excuse to have some Mommy Alone Time (Postpartum doula, anyone??).

BONUS: There are currently a total of 55 episodes, so you have a lot of content to get through before it runs out. And it’s still currently airing, so there’s more to come soon!

All 5 seasons available on Showtime (It is currently in a midseason break of season 5) or on Hulu if you have the premium membership.

5. When you need a feel-good show to binge on

Pregnancy pains or baby blues getting you down? Need a pick-me-up that’ll have you both crying tears of joy and saying things like, “Aww that is soooo sweet” aloud to your television? Then Queer Eye is the show for you. If you remember the original Queer Eye show, the newer version is a bit different (and arguably better). While the former show focused more on the outward appearance of men with less than desirable wardrobes, the reboot is a heartfelt look into the lives of a diverse cast of people across the United States, (plus a bonus episode in Australia and a special shortened season in Japan). While the men (and women now too!) do get help with their attire, the show also highlights the ways that five gay friends, The Fab 5, as they call themselves, come in for a week and help them revamp multiple areas of their lives from their home to their cooking skills to their relationships. It’s sweet and silly, showcases people from all walks of life, and will renew your hope in humanity.

BONUS: each member of the Fab 5 has their own instagram account full of extra content, including home designs from Bobby, easy recipe videos from Antoni, and indescribable but hilarious entertainment from Jonathan.

The 5 regular seasons plus the season in Japan are all available on Netflix. The 20 minute special episode in Australia is available on YouTube.

Bonus 6th show!

Babies (a documentary series)

This one didn’t quite make the list of the 5 most binge-worthy shows, but we had to include it because, well, you know. If you are sitting around gazing at your growing belly or that magical little newborn in your arms and wondering what the heck is going on in their brain or how they can survive on breastmilk alone or WHAT. IS. UP. with infant sleep… give this show a shot. There are 12 episodes, all delving deep into a different subject about, you guessed it… babies. It’s fascinating stuff.

Available on Netflix.

Once you’ve run through all of these shows, here are some good runners up:

  • Workin’ Moms
  • Grace and Frankie
  • Virgin River
  • Dead to Me
  • The Crown
  • Ozark
  • The Great British Baking Show
  • Down to Earth
  • Good Witch
  • Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce

Now schedule your postpartum doula, order a stash of snacks, and prepare to watch your favorite shows in peace! Your doula will make sure you’re comfy and that your snacks and beverages stay full.

Sound nice?!? What are you waiting for?!

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