Pregnancy and Infant Loss: Remembering the babies we still love

This blog is a heartbreaking and beautiful deep dive into the memories of lost babies. The quotes within this blog are from moms who were asked to share something they remember specifically about the baby or babies they lost. As you read, you too will get the privilege of opening your heart to these women and their babies who were here physically for such a short time but will live on forever in their parents’ hearts.

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A Letter From Your Doula: Dear Mom Who is Choosing to Formula Feed

Choosing Formula Feed

I took it to the internet recently and asked the question: “Why did you switch to formula?”

When I posed this question to the moms in my life, I was instantly overwhelmed with answers. In the hopes of helping other women in the future, moms from all over the country and from all different walks of life jumped at the chance to share their experiences with me. They knew that it was best for their family, but almost none of them made the choice easily.

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Finding Alone Time When You’re Never Alone

alone time new mom

Looking for 6 practical ways to find alone time as a new parent? As postpartum doulas, we understand that can be a tall order. Suddenly you’re a new parent caring for your baby (or babies) 24/7. It makes sense to crave some time alone again! We all need to reset and rejuvenate. What is your go-to when you need to be alone?

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5 Must-Haves for Postpartum Healing

Postpartum Healing

The days and weeks immediately after birth come with so much joy and emotion… AND so many physical changes and discomfort. The only thing that can really get you back to feeling 100% like yourself is time, but there are many things that can help you feel better along the way! Here are our 5 favorite tools for postpartum recovery.

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Things To Do this Winter for Portland Parents and Babies During a Pandemic

Things To Do this Winter

Portland area parents and babies feel trapped inside and stir crazy as rain or snow is pouring down around them. It seems too cold and wet outside, but you have to do something besides sit around your living room playing with the same toys every day. So what is there to do and how do you keep your baby comfortable while you do it?

Luckily, Portland, Oregon has so many activity options and plenty of great companies making winter clothing to go along with them! Here are our favorite suggestions and picks.

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