Holidays with Babies

The holidays can be one of the most wonderful times of the year, and the most chaotic. This year you’re trying to balance the joy of being surrounded by loved ones and holiday cheer with the ups and downs of having a newborn.

Setting boundaries is one of the most powerful ways you can advocate for yourself and preserve your energy. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask someone else to host the shin dig. If you’re worried about your newborn catching someone’s germs, tell your friends and family that they can get to know your baby from a few feet away as they’re held in the safety of your arms.

Remember, the holidays don’t have to look the same as last year because they aren’t the same as last year. You have an entirely new human in the room, and it’s okay to let the people you love know you have a whole lot on your plate (we hope this “whole lot” includes a slice of pumpkin pie).

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