Infant Feeding

The two main feeding options available to families in 2022 are formula feeding and breastfeeding. Families choose to formula feed their infants for a wide variety of reasons such as low-milk supply, parental mental health, lifestyle choices, supplementing and many more. In the formula world, there are dairy-based options as well as vegan alternatives, to suit families of every lifestyle. Many formulas are free of certain ingredients should your baby be sensitive to them (for example, “soy-free” formula). The variety of formulas means families with dietary restrictions or allergies can have access to food that will serve their infant well.

Breastmilk is an amazing option for families who have the means and ability to do so. There have been many studies that demonstrate the health benefits of breastmilk in baby’s bodies. If you are not able to produce breastmilk but that is your preferred option of feeding, there are milk banks available in many areas for families to access. Both breast feeding and bottle feeding will allow you to create a strong bond with your baby during those first few months of postpartum.

Choosing Formula Feed
Infant Feeding

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Infant Feeding

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Baby Care

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