Infant Sleep

Information pertaining to infant sleep is potentially the most sought after area of baby preparation. You’ve heard the horror stories from friends of their babies who were constantly up all night and snoozing through the day, or maybe you heard from a family member that their baby fought naptime everytime.

The truth is that sleep will always be integral to your baby’s health and wellbeing. Sleep is the space in which a majority of your baby’s brain development occurs, and their immune system gets a chance to recharge. But, what if it seems like your baby just doesn’t want to sleep?

It’s not that they don’t want to sleep, especially when it’s abundantly clear how tired they are, it’s just that they dont know how to yet. The good news is there are so many resources available to new parents as to how to navigate this potentially tumultuous time. Consider reaching out to a sleep expert for guidance or hiring a professional postpartum doula for those first few weeks of your infant’s life so you can get some much needed rest.

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Infant Sleep

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