Preparing for Baby

When you first begin to prepare for your infant’s arrival, you may find yourself lost in a sea of information overload about all the things you need to get for your baby. It’s important to remember that amidst all the hype around the newest baby gadgets, that all your baby really needs is to be fed, changed, loved, and in a safe environment.

Mental preparation is just as important as what you do to physically prepare for the arrival of your infant. Preparing mentally will help you feel confident in your knowledge as you grow in your abilities to care for your baby. Consider taking one of our newborn care classes to insure you have all the basics down.

Binge-Worthy Shows

5 Most Binge-Worthy Shows For New (or Pregnant) Moms: The Sequel

Almost one year later, and this pesky pandemic is still sticking around… so you may as well have some good coping strategies! There is only so much you can do ...
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binge worthy shows postpartum

5 Most Binge-Worthy Shows For New (or Pregnant) Moms

So you just had a baby, or you’re just about to, and you find yourself sitting on the couch in front of the TV… A LOT. I’m sure the mom ...
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Organizing Baby Shower Gifts
Preparing for Baby

3 Tips for Organizing Baby Shower Gifts

  Let’s face it, your new little tiny human has an ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF STUFF! You’re 8 months pregnant (feeling like you’re 25 months pregnant) and you have just had ...
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why take newborn care class
Baby Care

Newborn Care Class: A New Parent Essential

You admit that you’ve never been a “baby person” or maybe this new little human scares the heck out of you, and now, after 24-48 hours in the hospital or ...
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modern grandparent tips
New Parents

6 Tips to Become a Modern Grandparent!

Becoming and being a grandparent is a wonderful adventure. I know, I’m the grandmother of 8 and love this time of my life. There are so many things I did ...
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