Travel with Babies

Traveling with your newborn can be intimidating! You’re not the first parent to stress about all the things that could go wrong. Don’t worry, the key to traveling with your baby is to make a plan. Make sure you have a written list of things to pack into your baby bag that you can refer back to when double checking your items. If traveling with a partner, make sure that you’re on the same page about time constraints, especially if there’s flying involved. Having a thorough conversation before you depart can save you a headache later.

Finally, try to relax. Every parent will have to travel with their baby at some point, and taking the time to prepare for the journey is half the battle. If you need that extra bit of support, our doulas will be there to guide you every step of the way or even accompany you on your trip.

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Travel with Babies

10 Tips for Airplane Travel With Your Baby

  Whether you’re traveling home to visit relatives or taking your baby home after becoming an Intended or Adoptive Parent, it’s always nice to be prepared to travel with your ...
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