Gift Ideas for Your Baby’s First Holiday Season

Baby’s First Holiday

It’s your baby’s first Holiday Season!

There are so many things that you WANT to buy: cute outfits and the latest baby toys and that big, giant Teddy Bear….they’re just so darn cute!. And then there’s the shiny gifts with your baby’s name on them! You’ve dreamed of this moment.


Babies under one year old don’t care what they get for the holidays. They would be just as happy with a bunch of empty gift bags with tissue paper, or even your personal Rubbermaid containers wrapped all pretty under the tree. They like the lights and the sound of the crinkling paper.

BUT….you can’t skip over celebrating their first Christmas or Hannukah. There are pictures and questions from junior when he’s older about what you got him for his first big holiday.

That leaves most new parents wondering…..

What should we buy for the baby?

We posted a question on the Family Tree Doula Services Facebook page last holiday season, asking our followers to name the best holiday gifts for babies under 1 year old. Here’s what we got:

Lastly, and the one I love best as a postpartum doula:

  • WELL RESTED PARENTS! Hint: You can buy a gift certificate for overnight or daytime help with baby’s care through their first year right here!

Start a practical tradition.

Keep it simple.

Fill whatever you are giving with love.

These littles really don’t care about anything else.

If you just want to change up the holiday traditions altogether, read our recent blog: Changing Family Traditions: Navigating the Holidays with Your Baby

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