How Can I Afford a Postpartum Doula?

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Welcoming your new baby into the world is a profound and joyous experience, but it also comes with its share of challenges. As you prepare for the arrival of your little one, you may be wondering how to afford a postpartum doula on top of all of the other necessities for you and your newborn. Rest assured, there are options available to make this essential care accessible to all families.

The Benefits of Postpartum Doula Support

Before we talk about affordability, let’s explore why postpartum doula support is worth every penny. Whether you opt for daytime shifts or overnight care, the benefits are numerous:

Expert Guidance: A postpartum doula offers expert guidance on newborn care, breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, sleep routines, as well as, emotional, physical, and mental well-being, leaving you more empowered to navigate the early days of life with confidence.

Hands-On Assistance: From soothing your baby to making sure you’re nourished, and even helping with some light household tasks, a postpartum doula provides invaluable hands-on support, allowing you to not only rest and recover, but take the time to bond with your newborn.

Emotional Support: Parenthood can be overwhelming. That’s just one reason we’re not meant to go through it alone. A postpartum doula offers compassionate companionship and a listening ear, helping you navigate the highs and lows, joys and fears, along with the day-to-day concerns that are a natural part of this transformative time.

Affordable Options for Postpartum Doula Care

Now, let’s explore some strategies for making it easier to afford a postpartum doula:

1. Short Day Shifts:
Consider opting for shorter daytime postpartum doula shifts like those offered by Family Tree Doula Services. 4-hour day shifts offer essential support without breaking the bank. These shifts are perfect for troubleshooting concerns or having a trusted newborn care professional care for your baby while you take a nap or enjoy a long shower. Sometimes just one 4-hour shift is all you need to reset and feel on track again.

2. Utilize BabyList or BeHerVillage:
Use crowdsourcing by utilizing platforms like BabyList or BeHerVillage to create a registry specifically for postpartum doula support. Family and friends who wish to contribute can do so directly, easing the financial burden while ensuring you receive the care you deserve.

3. Gift Certificates:
Request gift certificates for postpartum doula services as baby shower gifts or from family and friends who want to provide hands-on care, but don’t live near enough to do so themselves. It’s a thoughtful and practical way for friends and family to contribute to your well-being.

4. Explore HSA or FSA Coverage:
Did you know that postpartum doula services may be eligible for coverage under your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? Check with your provider to see if doula support qualifies as a reimbursable expense.

5. Carrot Fertility Benefits:
If you’re fortunate to have Carrot Fertility benefits, you may be eligible for coverage for postpartum doula support. Take advantage of this benefit to access these beneficial services during your postpartum period.

Gathering Support, Not Stuff

We have a little secret: your baby doesn’t need most of that “stuff”. In the age of excessive consumerism, especially in the baby industry, it’s important to prioritize support over stuff. Instead of accumulating all the latest baby gear only to realize you didn’t use half of it, invest in the support systems that will nurture and sustain you during this time with your newborn. Remember, the gift of care is priceless, and you’ll cherish the calm, confident start you had with your baby long after the baby gear has been outgrown or disposed of.

Lastly, postpartum doula care is an investment in you and your baby’s well-being. And that’s pretty valuable.

Sheryl Cooksley is the founder of two agencies devoted to the care and well-being of new and growing families: Family Tree Doula Services and West Coast Baby Care. She has provided support to children and families for over 30 years as a parent, grandparent, foster parent, family partner, and now as a postpartum doula. Creating nurturing services that meet the needs of new parents is her specialty!

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