I Am Your Doula

I Am Your Doula


Good morning. I let myself in.

I am your doula.

How was your night? None of you slept?

I see your slumped shoulders and bleary eyes. Can I sit with you? Need something to eat?

Let’s do this together today.

I am your doula.

Are you feeling touched out and tired of being needed?

I understand. It’s tough when they’re little and you’ve nothing to give.

Would you like me to hold them? I won’t kiss their head or hold them too tight as they are your sweet little babe.

I am your doula.

Do you need to share your hard feelings?

I will listen without judgment. Please talk without fear. I’m trained to have a listening ear.

I am your doula.

You need a hug? Some TLC?

I can do that. I’ll rub your back and take you in my arms until you tell me “stop”. I will hold your hand and sit with you. I will stay silent, or talk. Whatever you need. Whatever you want.

I am your doula.

You need time to shower or nap to get through the rest of your day?

Your baby and I will play and fold laundry and make you some lunch. Your baby is near and ready for you. Just tell me when. They know I’m not you.

I am your doula.

How are you feeling? Ready to finish your day?

It’s time to go now. I’ll see you soon, or give me call, whichever you need. No question or feeling is too big or too small. You matter to me.

I am your doula.

Family Tree Doula Services is a postpartum doula agency serving Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area. Our team of professional postpartum doulas provides in-home, daytime and overnight care for babies and parents. We provide care to birthing, adoptive and intended parents alike. Our postpartum doulas offer families unbiased, non-judgmentalI emotional, physical and educational support from the time a baby is born through their first year. Owner and Certified Postpartum Doula, Sheryl Cooksley, takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and a warm, friendly, “outside-of-the-box” approach to caring for Portland area families.

Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

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