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woman in labor in hospital gown

Should Intended Parents Take a Childbirth Education Class?

“I’m not birthing a baby, why would I need to take a childbirth education class?” Simply stated: You ARE birthing a baby through the help of a surrogate. Your journey to parenthood through surrogacy has been a unique and complicated experience that has brought a mix of emotions along the way. On the one hand,…

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airplane travel baby
Travel with Babies

10 Tips for Airplane Travel With Your Baby

  Whether you’re traveling home to visit relatives or taking your baby home after becoming an Intended or Adoptive Parent, it’s always nice to be prepared to travel with your ...
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fall breakfast recipes
Food Favorites

Fruity Fall Breakfast for New Parents

It’s one of those cold Fall mornings. The kind where you want to stay all curled up in bed, but you know your baby will be awaking soon and you ...
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what happens overnight doula care
Infant Sleep

Overnight Baby Care: A Postpartum Doula’s Diary

It’s 2:34 in the morning. I hear my phone vibrate. I’ve been laying here debating getting up to let the cat in, or just staying put. The cat meows and ...
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