A Letter from Your Doula: Dear Parents of Preemies

Dear Parents of Preemies


I would normally ask how you’re doing, but I’m certain everyone is already asking that and you probably don’t know how to answer anyway. So I’ll just assume that you’re overwhelmed, worried, sad, and tired… exhausted really… and instead ask this:

What do you need right now?

Your baby is still in the hospital and somehow you have to find the energy to take care of yourself while you let others take care of him. Let me help you. 

You hired me with a whole plan in mind. We had a schedule set and everything. I would come to your home when your baby was a couple days old and help teach you how to swaddle and pace feed, bring you snacks and let you get some rest while Baby naps. But now you are home, having a hard time knowing how to function until your baby can join you. Let me help you.

Maybe your mind is so full of worry that just taking the next step through the door feels impossible. Maybe you have wanted to keep yourself so busy that you haven’t stopped to take a sip of water or changed your clothes yet. Maybe all you want to do is talk about your baby non-stop, but you don’t want to burden anyone. Let me help you.

As your postpartum doula, I am not just here for your baby… I am here for YOU. Even if your baby has to stay in the hospital a little longer, I can meet you at your home between baby visits to help. I will listen to anything and everything you have to say and I will never judge you or think it’s “too much.” I will make sure you have some water, some nourishing food, a fresh change of clothes, and a calm environment to rest in. I can help you make a plan for when you get overwhelmed and need a list to refer back to. I can go over your doctor’s instructions with you and help make sense of it all.

Or I can simply sit with you and do nothing at all. Whatever you choose.

I’ll do whatever it takes to assure you that, while an entire staff of people is caring for your baby, someone is here just to care for YOU.

Your baby is fighting to stay healthy, but you are fighting too… For him… And I see you. Let me help you.


With warmth and comfort,

~Your Postpartum Doula

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