A Thank You Letter To All of YOU!

Thank You Letter

Dear current and former clients, doula team, friends and family,

As the owner and founder of Family Tree Doula Services, it is so important for me to show gratitude and appreciation where it is due. It seemed befitting to write a letter to close out this year and thank all of you specifically.

THANK YOU for this wonderful year!

As an agency, we were able to provide 1000’s of hours of top notch postpartum doula support. Our outside-of-the-box approach is getting noticed, our personalized, nurturing care is being received, and our professionalism and flexibility is appreciated. It’s obvious we love what we are doing. Seeing my dream come to fruition feels so good. I could not be prouder of where we are nestled in the Portland area postpartum doula services scene.

All of this would be but a wish or a dream if it weren’t for all of you. So today, I say THANK YOU.

Thank you to our current and former clients for choosing us!

In a market swimming with doula agencies and doulas, you chose us….and for that we are grateful. Each family that we support truly becomes a “member of our Family Tree”. You allow us into your homes, sit on your bed or couch and share your deepest, and sometimes funniest, feelings, you share your excitement and worries about your babies, and sometimes we even share a cup of coffee or tea. We’ve navigated newborn care, sleepless nights and sleep cycles, breastfeeding, formula feeding and pumping, weeding through all the baby gear, organizing your nursery and even guiding you through how to “do it all” by establishing short cuts and systems that make life easier. YOU are our purpose, and guiding your sweet new family through life as a new parent is such a joy and privilege.

Thank you to our doula Team!

Barb, Kim, Sabrina and Michelle, this team we have created is magical. You all continue to join me as we blaze the trail of professionalism and customer care. We are the messengers of how postpartum care should be provided: unbiased and non-judgmental, nurturing and from the heart. The education we are providing new parents is providing them with a strong foundation to grow into strong families….from day one. YOU are a team to be proud of!

Thank you to our family and friends!

Your unwavering support as we work overnights, days, holidays and weekends to support other families lets us know that you stand behind our passion and respect the relevance of the care we are providing. Personally, you have stood beside me as Family Tree Doula Services developed and grew…..and grew…..and grew. You also believed in me as I discovered a way to channel my passion and return to work that feeds my spirit and soul.

Thanks to all of you!

Family Tree’s vision for 2020 is to do more of the same: nurture the hell out of families while instilling confidence and preparing them for their lifetime journey as parents. Watch for new services to roll out as we uncover and develop new ways to provide care, support and encouragement to ALL parents: biological, intended or adoptive through their baby’s first year.

Happy 2020!

With extreme gratitude,

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