Things We Just WON’T Do As Your Postpartum Doula

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As postpartum doulas, there is a long list of things we WILL do… care for your newborn baby while you nap or get a good night’s sleep, make sure you’ve eaten today, even change ALL the diapers.

But there’s this list…..this list of things WE JUST WON’T DO…..and I really think it’s time we talk about it.



Unless you send us a picture that YOU took and say, “Hey, go ahead and share this picture,” it is not our business to tell the world about your baby and share their image with the world. YOU get to decide when and where your baby’s image is shared and it surely should not be on our Facebook or Instagram page.


Again….this is your news to share and yours alone. In fact, we won’t even say that you’ve booked us or that we’re on the way to your house or hospital room or what town we are in. We may show a nondescript view of some mundane thing that happens on a shift, but if someone can identify that we’re with you and in your home and that we are with your baby, they will need to be super sleuths. Your baby. Your announcement.


Unless we are talking as a doula team, your name is nobody’s business. Your information is shared on an as-needed basis among our team. Why would anyone else need to know it? Although we are not bound by HIPAA compliance, it’s just a courtesy. Even if you provide a testimonial, we only use your initials and city…..sometimes…..because even those two things can identify you…..especially if you live in a small town.

And the most important WON’T of all…..


No joke. You can tell us anything….no judgment. I mean, if it was like against the law or something, yeah….then there might be concern and some judgment. We’re talking about not judging you when you are vulnerable and sharing and showing us body parts and asking us questions. We’re not going to judge when you have fastidious and precise guidelines for your baby’s care because they’re YOUR babies after all. We’re not going to judge if you have 15 day old food in your fridge, or your laundry is piled high and your sink is overflowing with dishes. And we’re really not going to judge when you say things in confidence to us that you can’t say to anyone else….you know….THOSE comments.

See…you thought this was going to be one of those snarky blogs, but now aren’t you glad there are things we won’t do as your postpartum doula?!?!

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