Classes for Intended Parents

Preparing intended parents for the birth and care of their baby

We recognize that the parents-to-be that come to us for customized support also prefer classes that are tailored to their lifestyles and particular needs. As good postpartum doulas do, we listened, attuned, and responded.

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Childbirth Education for Intended Parents

Our Childbirth Class for Intended Parents is the first class in North America to focus entirely on your unique needs as you prepare to welcome your baby.

In our initial consultation with intended parents, we often ask how they are preparing for the birth of their baby. Their typical response? "We’re gathering baby supplies and are taking a baby care class".

As intended parents, it's important for you to know that preparing for the BIRTH of your baby isn't the same as preparing for the care of your baby. Where do intended parents go to learn about childbirth other than in a room full of pregnant people?

That’s where we come in!

The course acknowledges the sensitive nature of being an intended parent and offers guidance in your involvement before, during, and after the birth of your baby.

We designed our Childbirth Education for Intended Parents course to meet each of your needs as new parents.

We will teach you about bonding, tips about what to bring and wear to the hospital, how to be supportive and what to expect if there is an unexpected (or planned) cesarean birth, what will happen immediately after your baby is born, and so much more.

This childbirth class will leave you feeling confident in your ability to be supportive of your gestational carrier and your relationship with your baby inside and outside of the womb.

Using the same curriculum and presentation, we offer intended parents two convenient ways to prepare for the BIRTH of your baby, privately and in the comfort of your own home:

Online Childbirth Class Series for Intended Parents

Our online Childbirth for Intended Parents course is available anytime day or night no matter the time zone.

This course provides all the same information that our virtual live course does without the time constraints, giving you the ability to rewind, review, and revisit as needed.

Private Virtual Live Childbirth Class for Intended Parents

If you prefer a private, one-on-one experience, we can arrange a 4-hour session by Zoom with our professionally trained Childbirth Educator.

Although you are unable to "rewind", you are given ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss your fears, excitement or concerns with your instructor.

Group Newborn Care Class for Intended Parents

Tailored specifically for Intended Parents, this 3 hour long group class brings you together with your peers to prepare to become parents through surrogacy. There are so many unknowns when it comes to having a baby. What do we need to know about transporting our baby home? Are we prepared to bring them home? How do I take care of their basic needs or soothe them when they cry? Do we have the right support systems in place?

These questions don’t always have simple answers, but preparing yourself as best as you can to get clarity around the do’s and don’ts of newborn care will help ease the transition and bring you peace of mind. Whether you’re curious about sleep safety or how to create a routine that works for your family, this group class will answer all your questions about caring for your newborn and planning for parenthood.

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Private Newborn Care Class for Intended Parents

Knowing you’ll soon be caring for your newborn may bring about a lot of different emotions that might range from being elated, overjoyed, excited, nervous, fearful, or downright terrified - even all at once! Our newborn care class is taught one on one, live, and virtually by a Certified New Parent Educator.

Over the course of your 4 hour class, we’ll go over parenthood planning, parenting philosophies, and the best newborn care practices. We tailor the feeding techniques portion of our class to your preferences and answer all of your questions to ease your mind and get you ready for the big day.

Private Grandparent Prep Class

Congratulations, your baby is having a baby! Grandparenthood is one of the most wonderful experiences a person can have, but it’s also an entirely new experience! We want to do everything in our power to make sure you’re prepared for the journey.

Our three-hour long course is taught virtually, live, and grandparent to grandparent, providing real-life perspective, as well as, all of the latest safe practices. This class prepares you to provide the best care to your child and grandchild just like the pros.

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