Covid Policy

Covid-19 Safety and Postpartum Care

The postpartum doula profession has always been high risk in that our doulas work with the vulnerable populations of newborns and birthing people. However, the devastation COVID-19 has caused in our local and global communities has led to several additional precautions within Family Tree Doula Services as to how we plan to keep you and your family safe during visits.

All of our doulas are fully vaccinated and have received additional training around COVID-19 safety. Our doulas report to us immediately if they are feeling unwell, have been exposed to the virus, or test positive for COVID-19, so we can find an alternative solution for care as quickly as possible. In turn, for the safety of our team, we ask that you alert us if you or anyone in your family is feeling unwell, has been exposed, or tests positive for COVID-19.

Prior to our doula's first visit, you will have an opportunity to discuss the safety protocol that you are most comfortable with. When your doula arrives to provide care, you can expect them to be following the safety protocol that you have mutually agreed upon. Many families choose to have doulas wear a mask mainly while in close contact with your baby. Our doulas are expected to wash hands often, especially while preparing formula or breastmilk for infant consumption. You are not expected to wear a mask in your own home.

Doula work is first and foremost about supporting you in the way you need it most in the safest way possible. Our dedication to Covid-19 safety, as well as protecting you and your baby from other communicable diseases, is a reflection of our values as a company to keep you, your family, and our team safe during unprecedented times.