Daytime Postpartum Doulas

Why choose daytime postpartum doula care?

Get the time you need to rest, recuperate, and learn how to care for your newborn through gentle guidance from your daytime postpartum doula.

No matter how your baby enters the world, birth of any kind is likely to take a toll on you emotionally, mentally, and most certainly physically. Getting the time you need to heal after such a transformative event matters not only when it comes to your health, but the well-being of your family overall.

Daytime care that goes above & beyond...

Receiving postpartum care in the daytime presents a special opportunity for you to collaborate with your doula to help you recognize sleep/wake patterns, support a variety of feeding techniques, and answer all of your questions.

Our postpartum doulas are trained to be the first line of defense for your baby and will alert you immediately if they notice anything out of the ordinary or need to refer you to a medical specialist...and gladly answer all of your "is this normal?" questions. As well, we are trained to pay attention to the signs of postpartum mood disorders in every new parent we support and know when to connect you to resources should you need them.

Your daytime postpartum doula package offers quality care when you need it most.


Our daytime postpartum support begins with a phone call to go over all your expectations, concerns, and questions-- your wish list if you will-- with one of our caring staff. Care is not one size fits all. Your personal support choices will always be respected, and we are happy to make accommodations as needed, thus creating your personalized support package.

When you choose us for daytime postpartum doula support, expect your doula to arrive on time with an open mind, ready to listen, and support today's particular needs. Every day with an infant looks different than the next, so you need a doula who can be flexible to your concerns and adaptable to your support needs. That's the essence of our doula services.

*Our daytime care schedule is a minimum of four hours, giving us ample opportunity to focus on your care as much as your infant’s. Whether you prefer your support early in the day or during dinner, you can book your daytime postpartum support shifts between 7 am and 8 pm.

Experience the Family Tree Difference

What our lovely clients are saying:


The non-judgmental and comprehensive daytime postpartum doula support you’ll receive from Family Tree Doula Services will be life-changing for every member of your family. After all the preparations you’ve made for the birth of your baby, we would be honored to help you plan for your transition into life as new parents and walk alongside you as you begin this next chapter of your journey.