Intended & Adoptive Parents

We help you build a strong foundation as a new family.

We’ll ensure your only job during these early days of parenthood will be to get to know YOUR baby and grow in confidence as their parent!

Our experienced, professional postpartum doulas recognize that the need for postpartum and new parent support for intended and adoptive parents is just as crucial as it is for birthing individuals. We recognize that you have likely faced tremendous challenges and discouragement as you’ve navigated your surrogacy or adoption journey. After all you’ve been through, we want to make sure your questions are answered, your concerns and fears are heard, and that your needs are met.

Soon, you will be reaching the end of your surrogacy or adoption journey and be holding a new baby (or babies) in your arms. You are doing everything you can to prepare for the birth of your baby. You’re reading ALL of the books, reading baby care and parenting blogs, taking every class, and talking to EVERYONE you know who has a baby to gather information. Your mind still races with nervousness and worry about how you’re possibly going to know how to care for your newborn baby.

Intended and adoptive parents often have a lot of questions and fears leading up to their baby’s birth. Will I know what to do when I'm handed my baby for the first time? Will my baby and I bond? Will I ever sleep again? Am I ready to be a parent? These are the questions and challenges our experienced team of postpartum doulas are excited to guide you through.

We want your adjustment to be as smooth as possible.

We often see that new intended and adoptive parents are exhausted from caring for their baby around the clock, leaving them little energy to relax and “lean in” to bonding with their baby.

Having a postpartum doula provide care for you and your baby, as well as your entire family, during those early months, provides you the space emotionally, mentally, and physically to create this bond you have dreamed of.

Although many of the Family Tree Doula Services' postpartum doulas have taken additional training to become Newborn Care Specialists, Baby Wearing Consultants, even Infant Feeding Specialists, they also work as a team to share the latest resources, road blocks, and support strategies to better serve intended and adoptive parents. We have listened to your specific concerns and needs and provide the best possible care for your unique circumstances.

Postpartum Support for Intended and Adoptive Parents


One thing we will never recommend to a parent-to-be or new parent is that they should take care of a baby on their own. You know the saying “it takes a village?” Your postpartum doula is an integral part of your “village”. They walk alongside you, without judgment and bias, guiding you through your day-to-day life as new parents.

Intended and adoptive parents have invested a tremendous amount of time, emotions, and resources into becoming a family. Adding postpartum doula support is investing in being a new family.

Custom Doula Packages

Custom Support Packages

Our postpartum doulas have extensive knowledge and experience working with families from all over the United States and world. Your family’s needs are unique, which is why we work with you to create a custom package that provides the level of care that suits you and your family.

Most short-term clients receive about 2 weeks of care. They find that 60 hours of combined overnight and daytime shifts per week satisfy their educational, emotional and SLEEP support needs. For families who need more continuous around-the-clock support, our postpartum doulas who have cross-trained as newborn care specialists are available for live-in care.

Custom Doula Packages for Intended and Adoptive parents

Travel Doulas

Navigating the logistics of traveling to greet your new baby, as well as, the stressors that arise from being in an entirely different city, state or country, have become a specialty of Family Tree Doula Services’ team of travel doulas. Wherever your baby is going to be born or wherever you need our support, we can travel to you. Our traveling doulas work alongside you to create practical solutions and systems to help you successfully begin parenthood in an unfamiliar place, but also prepare you to confidently travel home with your new baby (or babies!).

Traveling by car? We have tips and tricks to make the car ride more manageable. Traveling by plane? We help you find out what the latest TSA rules are, how to transport formula or breastmilk, what to pack in your carry-on diaper bag, how to keep your baby safe from all of the airport germs, and so much more. Does traveling home with your new baby seem terrifying? Arrangements can be made for our traveling doulas to accompany you and assist you in settling in once you’re home.

Childbirth and Newborn Care Classes for Intended Parents

Parenthood Planning and Newborn Care for Intended Parents

Tailored specifically for Intended Parents, this 3 hour long group class brings you together with your peers to prepare to become parents through surrogacy. This live virtual small group class is the "mini course" version of our private newborn care class.

We cover basic newborn care, parenting philosophies, and concerns that are specific to the intended and adoptive parent like traveling with a newborn, special feeding and bonding considerations, and how to determine the types of support you may need to manage it all.

This group class also offers parents-to-be the opportunity to connect with their intended parent peers from all over the world. Whether you’re curious about sleep safety or how to create a routine that works for your family, this group newborn care class will answer all your questions about caring for your newborn and planning for parenthood. "If you're looking for a more individualized class, check out our private Newborn Care Class.

Childbirth Education for Intended & Adoptive Parents

Why would an intended or adoptive parent want or need a Childbirth Education class? As it’s very likely you will be attending the birth of your baby, our Childbirth Education class is tailored to your specific questions and needs. This class provides instruction to expecting intended and adoptive parents about:

• Ways to bond with your baby while still in the womb.
• The emotional and physical sides of labor and how you can support the birthing person.
• Common misconceptions about labor and birth.
• What to expect when your baby is born.
• Questions to ask your provider.

We recognize that this is an emotional and very personal experience. Our private, virtual course provides you the non-judgmental space to receive answers to all of your questions no matter how sensitive they are.

An online modular Childbirth for Intended Parents course is also available. Have access to your course anytime day or night no matter the time zone. This course provides all of the same information that our virtual live course does without the time constraints, giving you the ability to rewind, review, and revisit as needed.

Our postpartum doulas and intended parents love working together!

what they have to say:


The non-judgmental and comprehensive intended and adoptive parent doula support you’ll receive from Family Tree Doula Services will be life-changing for every member of your family. After all the preparations you’ve made for the birth of your baby, we would be honored to help you plan for your transition into life as new parents and walk alongside you as you begin this next chapter of your journey.