Live-in Postpartum Doulas

Why choose live-in postpartum doula care?

Our live-in doula support packages provide extra layers of care that will give you as much time as you need to heal, recharge, and process the major transition of bringing home your baby.

As new parents, you’re often told that you should be able to handle any situation when it comes to caring for your newborn. But anticipating your needs, being brave enough to say “I can’t do this all by myself”, and planning for long term care demonstrates incredible strength. It means that you’re willing to take action and care for yourself which will allow you to care for your baby’s needs better in the long run.

Times have changed. Babies have not...

Our network of support as new parents in the twenty-first century looks vastly different from the support our parents and grandparents enjoyed. Studies show that adults are now living farther from home than ever before, and having babies without a built-in familial support system.

Our live-in postpartum doulas aren't just there to provide physical and emotional support for your new family. We help you establish a rock solid foundation during your first year with baby that your family can build upon for years to come.

Create your ideal postpartum support team with our custom Live-in Postpartum Doula Packages


One of the best parts about our live-in postpartum doula packages is that they are completely customizable. Whether you need days, weeks, or months of care, we’ll be there for you day and night for as long as you need.

We also have a select team of postpartum doulas who are travel-ready and prepared to join you anywhere in the United States and internationally*. In circumstances that require you to travel with your baby, these doulas have experience navigating busy airports and long car rides with newborns and will happily accompany you on your journey home or prepare you to do so.

*Yes, we really mean anywhere!  In recent years we have been contracted to provide live-in postpartum doula care in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Connecticut, and Singapore!

Experience the Family Tree Difference

What our lovely clients are saying:


The ongoing live-in support you’ll receive from Family Tree Doula Services will be life-changing for every member of your family. After all the preparations you’ve made for the birth of your baby, we would be honored to help you plan for your transition into life as new parents and walk alongside you as you begin this next chapter of your journey.