Dear Baby,

Welcome to life on the outside!

So many people have been lovingly awaiting your arrival. Your future is filled with endless possibilities that begin with a strong foundation of love and support! You are so fortunate to be welcomed into a home where the grown ups provide unlimited amounts of compassion and nurturing support so you will flourish and thrive!

Welcome to the world sweet baby!


The Family Tree Doula Services Team

Family Tree Doula Services is the professional and trusted go-to resource for new parents in the Portland Metro area.


Owner, Sheryl Cooksley, has been building relationships with providers and new families since 2017. The reputation that she has built as a leading pregnancy, birth and new baby expert in Portland, Oregon is a position that she holds dear to her heart. Knowing the profound impact she is making on new families not only warms her heart but is the very thing she desires to build a legacy upon.

Sheryl and the team of trained and Certified Postpartum Doulas of Family Tree Doula Services, bring the clients they support the most current and up-to-date evidence based information, while wrapping it in a loving embrace that enables parents to navigate through it easily. With support, the road always feels more traveled and the twists and turns less daunting.

The customized support that Family Tree Doula Services brings to your family includes:

  • All aspects of supporting physical recovery from giving birth vaginally or surgically.

  • An intimate understanding of the emotional realities associated with the post-birth/early parenting period.

  • Recognition of the early signs of postpartum mood disorders.

  • Sleep! The ability to redirect infant day and night sleep “mix ups”, as well as, developing elongated healthy sleep habits.

  • Did we say SLEEP!? Enabling lengthy sleep patterns for parents while we care for babies at night.

  • Feeding support based on parent’s choice. Exclusively breastfeeding families, exclusively formula feeding families, and combination feeding families all benefit from our advanced knowledge on infant feeding.

  • Newborn care and comfort techniques.

  • Sibling care and support.

  • Light housekeeping, meal and snack preparation.

  • We offer Support Before & After Baby’s Arrival, as well as, Newborn Care, Sibling and Grandparent Support. And to make it all more attainable, we offer Gift Certificates and Baby Registry Assistance.

  • Daytime, Overnight or Live-In options available.

As you can see, our expertise is designed to lighten the load. Whether that comes in the form of a diaper change (pun intended), an energy change, or a referral to a vetted provider that can meet a particular medical or non-medical need, we’ve got you covered.

We promise to listen as you share. Answer as you question. And lift you up when the challenges pull you down.