What to expect when you hire our postpartum doulas:

Family Tree Doula Services is proud to be ushering in the next outstanding generation of innovative postpartum doulas in the United States.

We believe doula work is, first and foremost, a collaboration between you and your doula, working in tandem to get to know key areas you need the most support in.

We understand that for you to feel cared for and for your needs to be truly met, first you need to feel safe with your doula. The most powerful tool our doulas bring with them to your home will be their ability to create a calm and peaceful environment for you to get to know your newborn and communicate your needs.

If you’re looking for non-judgmental and unbiased postpartum support, this is the team of postpartum doulas for you.

Whole Family Care

Whole Family Support

We know that everyone in your family needs to feel cared for in order to make this new chapter with your baby successful. This is why we put so much of our focus on creating systems and sustainable practices for you and your partner, and even older siblings!

Skilled Postpartum Doulas

Skilled Doulas

Our team is composed of postpartum doulas who have dedicated their lives to supporting new parents, infants, and children who need care.

Custom Postpartum Packages

Custom Packages

We develop custom daytime, overnight, and live-in postpartum doula support solutions for each and every family we work with, ensuring that your unique needs are 100% met. Questions? Check out our FAQ.

family tree doula team celebrating
family tree doula agency founder Sheryl Cooksley
family tree doulas
family tree doula team

Our team photos are from our First Ever "Family Tree Jamboree", our version of "doula day camp". The joy on the doulas' faces brings me so much joy. Observing their genuine love and care for each other, seeing their camaraderie and teamwork in person, made me realize that Family Tree has such a special team of doulas. These pictures make me very proud! - Sheryl Cooksley, Founder.