Overnight Postpartum Doulas

Yes, you really can have a postpartum doula overnight.

One of the biggest fears parents have when they find out they’re expecting a baby can be summed up in five words: Will. I. Ever. Sleep. Again? And for good reason!

Statistics show that parents who do not receive adequate sleep are more inclined to experience baby blues or Postpartum Depression. Overnight care provided by your postpartum doula is a valuable survival tool for that bleary-eyed first year of your baby’s life and a worthwhile investment in your overall well-being.

We understand that allowing a postpartum doula into your home to care for your precious baby while you sleep requires vulnerability and trust. When you have a Family Tree Doula Services doula stay in your home, you can expect kind-hearted professionalism and the utmost transparency. Expect to feel safe, warm, and in exceptionally capable hands.

Overnight care that makes tomorrow easier.

Our doulas are well accustomed to being with families through the postpartum period and because of that we know that help with the little things can make all the difference.

If time and your baby allow, we’ll assist you by doing quiet baby-related tasks like tidying up the kitchen, bottle washing, and breakfast preparations. Our goal is to create an environment that is conducive to sleep and to leave you feeling rested and refreshed for the next day.

Your overnight postpartum doula package offers skilled infant care so you can rest & recover.


Our overnight postpartum care begins with a thorough assessment of the areas in which you need the most support. For most parents, typically, their top priority is getting as much sleep as humanly possible with a newborn…or any sleep at all.

Perhaps you’re also interested in learning how to make feeding your baby at night as smooth as possible, how to change diapers without waking them up, or how to decrease nighttime stimulation so your baby goes back to sleep quickly! Your doula is ready to give you helpful tools and information that will answer all your questions.

Your baby’s duration of sleep, sleep positioning, and sleep hygiene affect all areas of infant health. Our doulas do not provide sleep conditioning or sleep training, rather they guide you and your baby from day one by following your baby’s cues and meeting their needs in a quiet, mindful, sleep-supporting way. We provide helpful tips and tricks to get your baby sleeping through the night like a pro when the time is right.

*Our typical schedule for overnights is 8pm-6am or 9pm-7am. The schedule can be customized upon request.

Experience the Family Tree Difference

What our lovely clients are saying:


The non-judgmental and comprehensive overnight postpartum doula support you’ll receive from Family Tree Doula Services will be life-changing for every member of your family. After all the preparations you’ve made for the birth of your baby, we would be honored to help you plan for your transition into life as new parents and walk alongside you as you begin this next chapter of your journey.